Murder She Scrote

by Ginzu And The Steak Knives

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released May 18, 2014

Bass: Unicorn
Guitar/Vocals: Horse
Drums: Tiger



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Ginzu And The Steak Knives Auckland, New Zealand

G.A.T.S.K are a 3 piece band from Auckland, New Zealand.
Short, loud, catchy songs. Punk, metal, and doom riffs that will smash your face, and beats that will melt your brain

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Track Name: Keanu Reeves
I wanna be Keanu Reeves
Bill and Ted, be excellent
I wanna be Keanu Reeves
Circle K, yes way!

Going on adventures and hanging out with Bill S Preston Esquire
Meeting up with Socrates, Joan of Arc, and Genghis Khan
Track Name: Adventure Time
Adventure time, adventure time.
Suck my dick, it's adventure time
Track Name: Ginzu and the Steak Knives
Ginzu and the Steak Knives
Hey muthafukka, i said hey muthafukka, fuck you!
Track Name: No Friends
Take a shit in the sea. All the fish looking at me
Swim around in the brown. There is something wrong with me
Take a shit in the bed. Plastic bag over my head
Touch my balls, cum on the walls. There is something wrong with me

Ive got no friends. There's something wrong with me
Track Name: Insidious Pig
He wears lipstick and an afro wig
His feet are too small and his head it too big
He's in a band and he plays lots of gigs
His crotch is on fire cos he dropped his cig

Hillbilly pig born and bred, curly cock and he wets the bed
went to the city, bought a guitar, started a band and became a star
then he got addicted to drugs, suckin guys dicks for a fix
police searched him, they found a gun, piggy got away now he's on the run

Went to his friend who lived on a hill
His name was Ioane, he liked to wear frills
Together they skipped in to the woods
Pulled down their panties, and they said
Bacon muthafukka, bacon muthafuck
Track Name: Oh Yeah
Hey, say something
Are you ok?

Oh Yeah, i should have been aborted

Why so sad?
Cheer up
It's not that bad
Track Name: Brains
Breaking news on the TV, they say the dead are the enemy
Now there's someone in front of me, looks like he wants to eat my

Now there's something inside of me, doesnt feel how it used to be
And this something inside of me, it makes me wanna eat your

Send more cops! Send more paramedics!